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Do not let your business venture, investment, a new car or apartment turn into a source of constant worries. Share a part of the risk with the insurance company and secure coverage in case of unfortunate circumstances. We have a vast experience in securing the best terms and conditions and non-life insurance packages for the biggest foreign and domestic companies, as well as for natural persons. In addition to the insurance of property, such as business buildings, houses, apartments, inventories, goods in transport, equipment etc., we are in a position to offer all types of travel insurance, casco, automobile liability, voluntary health insurance and other types of non-life insurance.

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By purchasing travel insurance, you will feel safe when travelling abroad, since the insurance company will cover the costs of medical assistance should any unfortunate events occur. This type of insurance will provide efficient and professional support in case of sudden illness or accident. Travel insurance can be arranged individually or for the whole family. If you travel abroad frequently, you can conclude an insurance policy for a longer period of time, to cover each trip within a predefined duration and amount of coverage.


Voluntary health insurance provides efficient and comfortable medical protection and the possibility of high-quality treatments in many state and private health institutions. All medical appointments are scheduled by call centre, quickly and simply, and there is no waiting or postponement. Depending on the package you have chosen, the insurance company will cover the costs of medical treatment.


Household insurance provides coverage for dwellings (houses, apartments, weekend houses, etc.) against any possible risks. The household inventory can also be insured. The insurance of possessions, house or apartment is the best way to protect your home against any incidents and to secure coverage for any damages. Insurance companies in Serbia offer a wide range of services in this segment, and it is possible to insure possessions against many risks. Depending on the insurance company you choose, it is also possible to stipulate additional risks, such as third party liability coverage or the insurance of household members against accidents.


MTPL insurance is obligatory by law and it is concluded during car registration. It covers the liability of the owner/beneficiary who, by operating a vehicle, harms third parties by causing death, bodily injury, impaired health, destruction or damage of property. When you conclude automobile liability insurance, your insurer will compensate for all material or non-material damage to third parties if traffic accident is caused by your fault.


By the casco insurance contract, the insurer undertakes to compensate for material damage on the insured vehicle and other insured objects in or on the vehicle if such damage arises due to the occurrence of the insured risk, and the insured is obliged to pay insurance premium. The casco insurance covers partial and total damage to the vehicle, as well as the risk of theft. With the majority of insurers there are exclusions if damage occured due to overtaking across the full line or due torunning a red light, while with all insurers it is excluded if a driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.


Road assistance provides quick and efficient assistance in case of unforseen circumstances that may affect drivers and vehicles on the roads throughout Serbia and Europe. In case of mechanical or electrical malfunction of the vehicle, traffic accident or any other incident due to which the insured vehicle cannot be driven (loss of keys, lack or bad quality of fuel, flat tyres, etc.), you can call the contact centre indicated on the policy and you will get adequate assistance in the shortest possible time.


Property insurance includes the insurance against risks that can jeopardize your movable and immovable assets. It most often covers the risks of fire, thunderstroke, explosion, storm, hail, flood or torrent, escape of water from installations, landslide, landslip, avalanche, burglary and theft, public manifestations, demonstrations, еtc. The conditions and coverage differ from one insurer to another. This type of insurance differs from household insurance because the coverage of risks is more fragmented, since the object of insurance is more complex.


General liability insurance covers your statutory civil liability in case of damage due to death, bodily injury or health damage, as well as damage or the destruction of property of third parties. This insurance covers your liability for damages arising from your business operations and/or possession of property and/or legal relationship and/or a certain feature as a source of danger. It includes, for example, the liability arising from the use, possession, rent or usufruct of land, buildings and space for certain activities; the liability arising from the use of buildings by your employees, etc. If specially agreed upon, it also covers the liability for damage arising from the theft of property and the liability for financial damage, as well as the liability for damage due to soil and water pollution.


Accident insurance covers any suden events independent of the insured's will, which, due to an external and sudden impact on the insured's body, result in death, total or partial disability, health impairment requiring medical assistance or temporary incapacity for work. In most insurance companies, the insured have 24 hour coverage. Any natural or legal person can purchase accident insurance tailored to his/her wishes or needs. The insurance terms and conditions and sums insured are mutually agreed upon by the policy holder and the insurer.