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Life insurance is a way to protect yourself and your family against the risks that can happen in life. We all have different needs, expectations and means. Some people are interested only in savings, some want to insure their family, some want to protect their health and well-being. On the other hand, some people do not have any of these plans. Whichever type of insurance you have in mind, it is important that you make your choice on time, before a risk event occurs.

The employees of Premija Plus have many years of experience with clients who take out life insurance policies. Every day, we meet people of different age, interests and means. Our task is to introduce them to the world of life insurance so that they can choose the most suitable insurance.
Together we shall define the type of insurance, its duration, investment, additional risks...


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MIxed life insurance is a combination of savings and protection. On one hand, you are saving for the future and creating a fund that you can use to supplement your pension or for any other purposes. On the other hand, in this way you provide financial security for your family in case of any adverse situation. By a single policy, you insure both your investment and your own life. Besides, it is possibile to add various additional coverages to the basic savings insurance, according to your choice.


High risk life insurance has no savings character - it only provides coverage in the event of death of the insured, when the insured sum is paid out to the beneficiary in its entirety. In the first place, this type of insurance is intended for persons who want to insure their life in favour of others – most often, when they are loan borrowers or bearers of other financial and life risks. In high risk insurance with a relatively low premium we can secure a high sum insured, but the invested money is not returned to the investor, because this is not a savings insurance.

Savings programmes for adults

Savings programmes for adults are intended for those who want to invest through life insurance policy as a form of long-term savings. These programmes secure a safe fund for the future. The sum insured is paid out to clients on the expiry of the agreed insurance period. It is also possible to take out additional coverage for various risks.

Savings programmes for children

Savings programmes for children are a safe way to create a fund for your child for payment of school tuition fees or for any other purposes. The money on child insurance policy is accumulated gradually, so that upon the expiry of insurance the sum insured that is paid out can cover the costs of studies or can be used as an initial capital for starting own business. Besides the savings deposit for children, you can also take out supplementary insurance against accidents.


• against the consequences of accident

This insurance provides coverage for the consequences of various accidents. Compensation is paid in the event of permanent disability, bone fracture, hospitalization, etc.

• in the event of critical illness

It provides financial security in the most difficult life situations, when the money is specially needed. In the event of critical illness that is defined by the conditions of insurance, the insured is paid the agreed sum insured.

• in the event of surgical procedures

It is concluded together with the basic life insurance and it provides coverage in the event of surgical procedures due to illness or as a result of accident. In the event of surgical procedure, the insured receives compensation, depending on the agreed sum insured.

• for treatment abroad

The programme is called the Best Doctors and it is the health protection insurance product that covers the costs of treatment for critical illnesses abroad, including travel and accommodation expenses. It includes specific, critical illnesses whose costly and specialized treatment is insufficiently covered by most health insurance plans: cancer treatment, coronary artery by-pass surgery, heart valve replacement, live-donor organ/tissue transplant and neurosurgery.